Albuquerque Tijeras Mountain RV Resort


Discover why long-term RVing is the perfect solution for beautiful housing that doesn’t cost a fortune.

Begin Your New Life

Find the perfect answer to alternative living at our stunning RV resort.

Most of us want a sustainable lifestyle with nice housing that doesn’t cost a fortune. Unfortunately, traditional housing rates make this almost impossible, as even apartments are becoming insanely expensive. Long-term RVing is a great way to save money and find the peaceful lifestyle you want, but it’s essential to find an RV campground that does more than provide an empty lot. For sustainable RV living, you’ll need the right amenities and services to create your ideal life. Albuquerque Tijeras Mountain RV Resort is the best place for long-term RVing, not only for its amenities but also for its peaceful environment.

Here are some of our long-term residents, the Ellenton family,  explain why they made Albuquerque Tijeras Mountain RV Resort their home:

The Ellenton Family

Deckland and I wanted to buy a house and get out of our apartment, but the rates were excessively high. We felt stuck in our apartment and wanted to start building a life together. That’s when we found long-term RVing and decided to start looking for campgrounds. It took so long to find a place that actually put effort into the living situation there. When we discovered Albuquerque Tijeras Mountain RV Resort, we knew we’d finally found our answer. Here, we are able to create the life we want and save up for our future.

Albuquerque Tijeras Mountain RV Resort

Long-Term Living At Albuquerque Tijeras Mountain RV Resort

We are proud to offer some of the leading long-term living benefits at our RV resort. We understand the difficulties of creating a space that accommodates alternative living and goes above and beyond to ensure you are comfortable – no matter how long you stay with us. When you choose to long-term RV with us, expect benefits such as:

  • Expansive lots for privacy and space
  • Easy and level parking (we even have pull-through sites)
  • All RV hookups for both 30 & 50amp
  • Laundry facilities you can use at any time
  • Showers & restrooms
  • Pet friendly
  • Beautiful playground
  • Clubhouse
  • Quaint picnic areas with tables 
  • Basketball court 
  • Outdoor pool 
  • Dog park 
  • Near stunning hiking trails 
  • Near incredible job opportunities in Albuquerque

Albuquerque Tijeras Mountain RV Resort In Tijeras, New Mexico

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